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The One° North Explorers [Registration No: 53180929C] (formerly known as Singapore Urban Explorers) are the first of its kind in Singapore since it's formation in mid-2003 (unofficially 2002) to conduct urban exploration and pararbex activities, a term coined by our team leader, Aaron Chan, - a portmanteau of the words "paranormal" and "urban exploration".

The team originated from an online forum, SGForums, where netizens have wide ranging interests from urban exploration, photography, urban legends & myths, paranormal, local heritage, horror movies discussion, local archaeology to even the obscure thrill seekers who stalk the threads.

A quirky mix of members formed the core team from SgForums, originally named Urban Legends, and soon activities were planned for outings and meet-ups. Hence the Singapore Urban Explorers were born, a ragtag team of ‘explorers’ and enthusiasts led by Aaron & Eric (Rest in Peace, comrade), armed with a common interest - to explore the world around us.

Being the first group in Singapore to officially document our urban exploration trips of local abandoned ruins, buildings and forgotten war time installations, we seek to  incorporate several different genres catering to interests of our members – namely heritage, paranormal, urban legends and cultural folklores.

Our team tries to emulate the once popular 90s tv local docu-series - “Hey Singapore!”, “Destination Truth” with adventurer/explorer/traveller host Josh Gates on distant travels/ location investigations and Anthony Morse with "Hidden Cities".

The One-North Explorers still retain our flavour as a 'non-profit' hobby/interest-based group. However we do welcome sponsors/funds/contacts/networking to possibly help us procure helpful equipment or make possible tougher explorations trips local or abroad and come up with even more exciting articles/documentation.

We hope that through our efforts of exploring the underbelly of Singapore; we too aim to preserve the heritage of Singapore's fast fading facade through recorded text and media by helping spread such awareness to the general public, the importance of conserving our heritage and hence cultivating an appreciation of the past.

Global Urbex motto:

- Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints -

Forgotten places, secret spots, lost historical sites or having some interesting info to share? Is there a location/venue you want the One-North Explorers to feature?

Contact us!

sgurbex @ gmail . com





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