1 November 2010

Machine-Gun Pillbox along Pasir Panjang Road

World War II concrete pillboxes, built along Singapore's eastern and southern coast, were part of the British beach defences. Positioned at about 550-metre intervals, these pillboxes complemented gun emplacements at the forts, searchlight batteries, anti-tank and anti-boat defences, mines and barbed wire along the coastline. The pillboxes were mounted with machine-guns manned by machine-gunners to repel attacks from the sea and the surrounding terrain.

This machine-gun pillbox lay within the World War II defence sector of the 1st Malaya brigade. It was likely used by the Malay Regiment in the fierce defence of the Pasir Panjang Ridge against the onslaught of the advancing troops of the Japanese 18th Division.

The front " window " , most probably a Bren Gun mounted here

The rear of the pillbox. Port holes could be seen on the wall, probably for infantry manning the
pillbox will stick their rifles through it for the rearward defense.

Entrance to the pillbox.

Interior of the pillbox

Side-view of the pillbox

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[Editor: Currently there are plans to further document the pillboxes of Singapore. Stay tuned!]

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