One° North Explorers had it’s humble beginnings in a forum called SgForums:Singapore’s Online Community. Heavily influenced by the infotainment series “Hey Singapore!”, the idea of an exploration group based on members's similar interests was conceived, initially named "Urban Legends".


Group was officially renamed as "Singapore Urban Explorers" to cover wider genres of interest, from it's initial mission of exploring the paranormal. Official website was launched by founders Aaron Chan and Eric Lee.

Outings were organized with visits to locations such as the Kranji War Memorial, Kranji Dam, various local cemeteries and Old Changi Hospital.



A single person representing the defunct local group "FreakyLinks" joins the "Singapore Urban Explorers" forming a merger (which officially lasted about two years). Our group then changed it’s name to reflect the new member addition - "Singapore Urban Explorers:FreakyLinks"



Our group has attracted and recruited more new members, with a core group of approximately 15 people doing the actual explorations and documentation. However, rumours has it, fans numbering in the hundreds following eagerly for every online article published. With photography going digital, it made it easier for the group to have interesting coverage articles filled with photos, videos and even EVPs (voice recordings).

One of the most highly anticipated outing was to locate and visit the Syonan Jinja ruins, hidden from view in the depths of MacRitchie Reservoir. Other notable visits include locations like Istana Woodneuk and British Officers's Quarters in Pulau Blakang Mati.


Our group first discovered, explored, documented and published online an article on the "Marsiling Dungeons" in Woodlands, Singapore. The discovery soon set tongues wagging and attempts were made by others to lay dubious claim to the location's discovery via the press without giving us due credit. Nevertheless, we are glad to have set the record straight with our updated article in 2011.



Group’s first combined effort with Asia Paranormal Investigators (API), sending representative, Andrew, on trips to Johore for joint-investigations/coverage/documentation of ‘Big Foot’ sightings.


Our group experimented with a former member's idea of producing and selling 'memorabilia'. Unfortunately, response wasn't healthy as most didn't like the idea of 'needing to buy a shirt to join on outings'. Some even stated the design wasn't appealing and the price was too high. Group decided to scrap the idea as the costs were too high for a second attempt.


This month marks Singapore Urban Explorers:FreakyLinks first ever media coverage (see our Media Accolades). Group made a 'coup exploration' of View Road Hospital before it was turned into a foreign workers domitory.


Invited by API for "Ghouls of Asia" exhibition at Punggol Community Centre, where Singapore Urban Explorers:FreakyLinks hosted a booth to promote itself, alongside with API and Relic Hunters.


Group made another 'coup' by visiting and documenting the long gone Asian Village (demolished) on Sentosa.


Overnight camping trip to Pulau Ubin, to explore and 'try out' methods to lure out spirits/ghosts, investigation led by a former member, as he calls for 'extreme paranormal investigation methods' to be tried (Eg. Knocking of chopsticks on bowls at a cemetery).


Involved in a project done by NUS students for their documentary on Old Changi Hospital.

This month marks the end split between "Singapore Urban Explorers" and "FreakyLinks", due to irreconcilable ideas. Our group reverted to the original name, while the latter group changes it's name to "SgFreakyLinks" (and to "Urban Explorers of Singapore" in late 2010).

Problems further arised when we had our website closed down by our former member and our access removed. Retrieval of our data (our past online documentation, photos and videos) from the website was further denied and withheld, as a result our data was dubiously deemed ‘lost for good’.


We had our first ever flea market booth to promote ourselves and share the idea of urban exploration in Singapore and adopting a global urban exploration motto:

“Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.”

In an earnest effort to align itself to the stringent belief of not damaging/removing property as well as avoiding being a public nuisance during explorations trips. This somehow goes in line with group obscurity as terrorism reared its ugly head worldwide, forcing the local general public to be overwary of people taking photos of buildings or even seen with cameras in public areas.


Our group were co-hosts with API, NParks and National Heritage Board for the event on the 9th: Labrador Park - What lies beneath.

An educational event allowing the public to find out more about Labrador Park and it’s past, which included a sneak peek at Batu Berlayer (which is an out of bounds area to the public, except for this event) and the Labrador Battery casmates.

This month sees our group appointed affiliates of Asia Paranormal Investigators(API). A landmark achievement for our group to be officially recognized, in light of previous month's setbacks.

2007 - 2009

Explorations are made, some being joint-effort with API. Documentation of numerous locations are kept for future online publication. Meanwhile, some members take a deserved break, attending to their personal commitments (Eg. studies, work, family, marriages, having kids, overseas relocation).



With new social media options readily available, and with Andrew taking over the helm from Eric (who has relocated overseas). The group sets it's new direction of expanding genre coverage, previously on urban legends, folklore and the paranormal; now touching on building/location heritage and World War Two history. Onto the realm of social media, as information and research becomes readily accessible at our fingertips.

Meanwhile, the group's resurface from obscurity became a neccessity as news reach our ears; of a group blatantly masquerading as us - "Singapore Urban Explorers" and with an intention to defame us.

Group's name temporarily changed to "Singapura Urban Explorers", as the fake group ups the ante by registering our original namesake as a business entity.


Current leaders are Aaron Chan and Andrew Him, with fellow members carry on with ad hoc explorations; now with new research and information which were previously unavailable.

The group get their latest media spotlight in the press, when Andrew joins the Goh brothers from API on tomb discovery in Upper Pierce reservoir areas.


Critical decision made to change the group's name to "One° North Explorers" and officially register as a business entity. An undesired but neccessary move to prevent future harassment, as time is better spent on explorations/documentations than engaging online trolls.

"One° North Explorers" (One-North Explorers [Registration No: 53180929C])



One° North Explorers gets on Twitter and finally establish itself on Facebook finally after much teething issues in 2010. The new social media platform allowed greater ease in sharing explorations, nuggets of info and receiving useful leads on potential exploration opportunities; shared by fellow enthusiasts and the general public.

Co-hosted with T.o.s.s, a short urbex experience in Singapore for a visiting foreign urbex enthusiast, Neil Ta from Canada.

Some of the interesting locations visited in 2011 - Dragon of Whampoa, visiting old forgotten playgrounds, the demolished Singapore National Stadium, former Shaw movie studios, a flooded mall in Malaysia, slums in China, former quarantine camp in St. John's Island, Cyrene Reef, Sembawang hot spring, old Kallang Airport and Raffles Lighthouse. More can be view here on our memoirs and heritage stubs.


Group contacted to appear on an episode of Hidden Cities, a documentary series based on adventure, history and the discovery of "hidden treasures" on the History Channel (Asia). Undisclosed, dusted and done.

Explored more locations inclusive of a few fantastic 'coup locations', locations details are currently undisclosed due to impending articles.


Group went in search of the grave of Olivia Mariamne Raffles, the first wife of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (the founder of Singapore) in Jakarta. The arduous journey culminated with a two part post documenting the hunt entitled "In Search for Olivia's Tomb" and "The Search for Olivia's Tomb Continues", discovering other tombs of significance such as the largest mausoleum in Southeast Asia and the tombs of several VOC (Dutch East Indies) officials. 

The Hidden Cities episode on "The Marsiling Dungeons Mystery" was first aired on the History Channel (Asia) on 30 Nov 2011 featuring Andrew from the One° North Explorers and Charles from the Asia Paranormal Investigators. (link to video

2012 - 2013

Members take another short break, but not dead! Updates on Facebook continue.
Minimal exploration activities with heritage loving folks throughout 2013.


The Group released a article on the Forgotten Relics of Labrador Park in June 2014, showing never-seen-before footage of a PF Cell (Position Finding Cell) and Gun Shelter hidden away in the undergrowth of Labrador Ridge.


No major updates (more of poring through past archival photos and researching for relevant info for future articles), as members are getting along fine with their family commitments, work and play. Joined T.R.E.E, a local exploration group consortium for sharing information, knowledge and experiences. Fun times!


Still alive and heading into 2016!

More articles are coming your way as we aim to clear the numerous stories we have in our backlog. Stay tuned to our updates by liking our Facebook Page and following our Twitter page!

Disclaimer: No references to real persons are made on this page, except for our own members. All photos on this page containing resemblance (other than our own members and friends) to any person dead or alive, real or fictitious; is purely coincidental. The One° North Explorers and their friends are not to be held liable for any false/fabricated accusations made in poor faith against them.