Heritage Stubs

The following are a collection of Singapore heritage-related stubs and photo essays; a collection that were not released as full-blown articles but nuggets of historical information which we have come across, thus impelling us to conduct in-depth and substantive research to validate these accounts.

These stubs are open for revision as and when credible information comes along, hence our intention to designate them as stubs and not articles set in stone.

Singapore's heritage is our heritage. It is non-renewable. Once it's gone, it's lost forever. Let us preserve what we can, so that our future generations may appreciate the conditions and settings of the past, which in turn shapes our nation for futurity.

The Serpent of Haw Par Villa

The pillbox of Siloso Beach

The humble fruit that is the Balonglong

Gassy Galore - National Aerated Water Company building

It's More Than Just Legal Tender

The Pulau Tekong Temple of The Sun Deity

Sarong Island [Pulau Selugu]